Magic Dragon Kodi addons: how you can install the Magic Dragon

The Magic Dragon Kodi addon has returned to the market again, and today Magic Dragon Kodi addons are actively used by users of Android boxes. The package of Magic Dragon has been updated, and the developers have improved the main menu structure.


Loading of Magic Dragon Kodi addons on the Fire TV Cube is now much faster. More details about the Kodi addons will be discussed in this article.

Some information about the Magic Dragon Kodi addon


Just recently, the Magic Dragon Kodi addon became available again. Magic Dragon Kodi addon is a new and improved addition that was previously called The Dogs Bollocks addon.

Everything that was previously present in the old version of Magic Dragon Kodi addons has become available in the new version to install the Magic Dragon.

Magic Dragon Kodi addon is a very simple and powerful add-on that allows you to open movies and TV shows, as well as sports and much more. Therefore, in the process of using the Magic Dragon Kodi addon, you do not even notice much difference.

Magic Dragon Kodi addon functions


Magic Dragon Kodi addon is a unique source that combines many interesting tasks. Magic Dragon Kodi addon streams TV, movies, sports, and more that can be opened with Kodi.

When you install Magic Dragon, it is easier to find the content you need. In this case, all transmissions are displayed in excellent quality.

Magic Dragon Kodi addon is a great option for all kinds of content. If you install Magic Dragon Kodi addons you do not have to configure for individual categories.


If you install Magic Dragon Kodi addons you can instantly watch cartoons, cable TV, online shows, pay-per-view, and TV shows. The Kodi addon has a special search button, so you can find the desired title in just a few seconds.

If you install Magic Dragon Kodi addons you can also track popular content, which is what people are currently watching.

If you install Magic Dragon Kodi addon on your Fire TV, you can search for new movies that have been recorded on your camcorder. It is possible to watch new movies, and they will be displayed in excellent HD quality.

If you install Magic Dragon Kodi addon on your Fire TV, you can sort TV shows by title, season, and TV episodes.

There is a large assortment of documentaries, depending on your preference, in the Magic Dragon Kodi addon. You can find content that is appropriate for children in a matter of minutes.


Magic Dragon Kodi addon has an excellent collection of films that load quickly and are shown in excellent quality.

There is a wide range of music and clips with the Magic Dragon Kodi addon. You can turn on your Fire TV.

The principle of installing the Magic Dragon Kodi addon

Installing the add-on on the Android TV boxes is quite simple. The installation process will not take long if you follow the step-by-step instructions.

First, you need to go to the settings and select the ability to install the addon from unknown sources.


Open the file manager that is displayed in the Kodi settings.


Select the zip file with adding a source, then in the open window click “No”.

Specify the exact path ““, and confirm the actions.


Below, you need to specify the name of the media source. The choice of a name depends on your preference. After you need to confirm the name.


Return to the main menu, and go to the “Add-ons” section.


Open a browser with the best Kodi addons. There is a special icon for this, displayed in the upper-left corner, and resembling a box.


Select the installation option “From a zip file”.


When a warning message appears, the actions must be confirmed.


Open the file you named yourself and open the path to it.


Wait for the installation to finish. This tells you a notification that appears on the screen.


In the browser that is designed for the best Kodi addons, select “Install from repository”.

Select the file that you named yourself and open the “Video Extras” section.

Select “Magic Dragon”, and proceed to install it using a special button. After you need to confirm all actions.


Wait for the notification that the installation was completed successfully.

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Return to the settings menu to access the best Kodi addons.


Proper use of VPN with Magic Dragon Kodi addon

When you install the Magic Dragon Kodi addon, you can start watching movies and TV shows. However, you should always remember that all your actions and identification are not protected.

To protect yourself, you need to use a special extension – VPN. It allows you to become invisible to the government and the provider.


Express Kodi VPN is in particular demand among users. The ExpressVPN developer gives users a 30-day warranty. If your wishes are not satisfied, the money will be returned.


Before proceeding with the installation of ExpressVPN, you need to register on the official website of the developer. Then download the extension or app to the device where Kodi is installed. Open the app and sign in to your account. After that, you will have to press the power button to connect to the VPN.


Issues and quick fixes

To avoid various errors, you need to use the latest version of Diamond Repository. The process won’t take long.


Magic Dragon addon speed

Magic Dragon is much faster compared to other add-ons. The Magic Dragon addon features flawless, fast, and easy navigation. Streams will be received in just 1 minute. However, the Magic Dragon addon is all about lightning-fast stream fetching.


Is it possible to get quality links?

Yes, with Magic Dragon you can get quality links.


Real Debrid setup features on Magic Dragon

First, you need to run Kodi. Open the section with add-ons, then go to “Video add-ons”. Open Magic Dragon. A list with different items appears on the screen, and you need to select “Real Debrid Authorize Here”.


Open a browser on another device and go to


Paste the identical code and click on the “Continue” button.


After the approval of the application, you can immediately start watching movies and TV shows.


Anonymous broadcast

Given that the broadcast is carried out using an additional add-on, you should use VPN. This will ensure the security of the broadcast. For Kodi, it’s better to use FastestVPN.

The extension features standard encryption.


In the process of install the Magic Dragon add-on, you may encounter numerous questions. The answers about Magic Dragon Kodi addons will be presented below.

What happened to the Magic Dragon addon?

The Magic Dragon add-on for Kodi is in great demand because it allows you to access any video content. However, the best Kodi addons work with newer versions of Kodi.

What Does The Magic Dragon do?

With Magic Dragon, you can access your entire media library. Access to movies, series, TV shows, sports events, and cartoons are open. However, they can be online or recorded.


As you can see, for the full enjoyment of Kodi addons, it is better to install the Magic Dragon add-on. You can install the Magic Dragon Kodi addons simply. These Kodi addons are convenient and practical decisions that everyone will definitely like.

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