How to install Lime Player on FireStick: a step-by-step guide

So, you’ve just picked up a new Amazon Fire TV, and you’re anxious to start streaming your favorite shows and movies. Well, we’re here to help!

In this article, we’ll show you how to install Lime Player on your FireStick. It’s a quick and easy process, but we’ll walk you through it step by step.


What is Lime Player?

You won’t believe that a small stick, like a USB stick, allows users to connect with a Wi-Fi connection so that users can easily watch TV programs and play videos on the internet. 


Just plug the Fire Stick into the USB port of any HDTV, and you can enjoy unlimited channels. There are many entertainment channels provided by FireStick.

Lime Player is a light video player by Lime Player Team with advanced hardware acceleration and subtitle support.

It is an Android app that works as a media and movie player that can be installed on Android-based devices, including FireStick / Fire TV 4K / Fire TV Cube.

The recent update of Showbox, a video streaming app, suggests its users install Lime Player as it seems to work the best in class.

It has a simple user interface and provides smooth playback. Lime Player possesses added processing power as it supports hardware acceleration. The key factor behind the support of hardware acceleration is the unified HW+ decoder.

Also, if you have Showbox on FireStick, then it could be of great use to stream video files easily.

Video formats supported by Lime Player

The Lime Player app allows you to play all video files. This media player only consumes a small amount of memory.

Supports all the video file formats like AVI, MP3, MP4, 3GP, M4V, WMV, MPG, FLV, and more.

Subtitles formats available in Lime Player

When adding subtitles by yourself, Limeplayer only supports the limited file types listed below:

It can access all the subtitle formats like a sub, srt, txt, vtt, mpl, SAMI(.smi) with Ruby tag support, and many more.

Things you’ll need to install Lime Player on FireStick:

-A FireStick

-A computer or laptop

-A USB cable

-Lime Player app

Prerequisites for installing Lime Player on FireStick

Before you can install Lime Player on FireStick, you need to make sure that your device meets the following requirements:

– Your FireStick must be running Fire OS 5.0 or higher

– You must be using a Wi-Fi connection

– Your FireStick must be connected to the internet

Once you’ve verified that your device meets these requirements, you can move on to the next step.

Can I install APK on Amazon Fire Stick?

Yes, you can install APKs on Amazon Fire Stick. The Lime Player application is available on the Google Play Store, and you can install the app on Android devices very easily.

But we need ES File Explorer, Downloader app, or Apps2Fire to sideload apps into FireStick.

  1. Open your Fire Stick and go to the Settings menu.
  2. Select “My Fire TV option”.
  3. Scroll down to Developer Options and select it.
  4. Look for the Enable ADB Debugging setting and toggle it on.
  5. Select Go Back and then select Device Options.
  6.  Turn on the Apps from unknown sources option.
  7. Once you’re in, scroll down to Apps > App Installer > Local apps.
  8. Find the APK file you downloaded earlier and select it. The installation will begin automatically.
  9. Once the installation is complete, go back to the home screen and select an app to launch it.

How to download and install the Lime Player app on FireStick

Now, let’s get down to business. Here’s how you install the Lime Player on FireStick:

  1. Open your Fire Stick and go to the Settings menu.
  2. Scroll down to Developer Options and select it.
  3. Now you can see Apps from unknown sources.
  4. Turn on the Apps from unknown sources option.
  5. Install the Downloader app or ES File Explorer from the Amazon app store
  6. Open Downloader app > enter URL: > download lime player > click go.
  7. After the download is completed, tap ‘Install lime player’
  8. Once the installation is complete, go back to the home screen and select the Lime player app to launch it

Unblocking streaming content on FireStick with Lime Player

Now that you have Lime Player installed and configured on your Fire TV, you’re ready to start unblocking streaming content.

With the Lime player app and the right VPN, you can access hidden channels like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and more.

Lime Player is a significant app for streaming videos. You can play movies along with subtitles, as the media player functions with every subtitle format for suitable dialog reading.

To unblock content on FireStick with Lime Player, go to the Settings menu and select “Unblock Streaming Sites” from the list. You can then enable or disable certain services with one click.

You will also need a VPN service to hide your IP address. This will help prevent your ISP from knowing that you are streaming content on FireStick.

When choosing a VPN for Fire TV, be sure to choose one that is fast and secure.

Once you have done this and enabled the services you want to access, you are now ready to start streaming videos with the Lime Player on FireStick!

Where are the hidden channels on FireStick?

Lime Player makes it easy to find and access hidden channels on FireStick. To get started, make sure you’ve successfully installed the app.

Once that’s done, launch it and enter the search bar at the top. From there, type in any keyword related to the stream you want to find and press ‘enter’.

The search bar will then pull up a list of channels related to your keyword. You can then browse through this list until you find one that interests you.


We hope you found this guide helpful. It is also available for download via the Google Play Store for Android devices and Windows PC computers. Another major feature for consumers is the ability to stream offline videos using a Lime player. You can contact us for assistance if you encounter any problems or have any inquiries.


Is it safe to use Lime Player?

Yes, using it on Android devices is safe and secure.

Is Lime Player available for free?

On your FireStick or any other Android device, you can download, set up, and use the Lime Player app for nothing at all.

How do you install apps to Fire TV Stick?

Yes, you can! We’ve already downloaded the Downloader app from the Amazon App Store. We need to disable unknown sources for downloading in our Fire Stick configuration. Finally, we’ve outlined a way of installing APK files on a FireStick above.

How do you install Lime player on FireStick?

  1. Go to Settings > System > Developer Options. Enable “ADB Debugging” and “Apps from Unknown Sources.”
  2. Connect your Amazon FireStick to your computer or laptop using the USB cable.
  3. Go to and download the latest version of Lime Player APK.
  4. Copy the file to your Amazon FireStick.
  5. Open the APK and install Lime Player on your FireStick.

That’s it! You’re now ready to start playing videos and movies on your Amazon FireStick.

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