How to install Kodi on a Vizio Smart TV: a step-by-step guide

If you’re interested in enjoying movies, series, and TV shows, installing Kodi on your Vizio Smart TV is the perfect option. It opens up great opportunities for watching TV and brings a lot of pleasure.

Before buying a Vizio smart TVs

You can easily combine all your content digitally and share it later on different devices by installing Kodi on Vizio Smart TV.

However, this can be quite a daunting task to put Kodi on Vizio Smart TV, because Kodi only works on Android devices and Vizio Smart TV does not fit that description.

Vizio Smart TV is not based on the Android operating system, but it does require an Android client, for which you can choose between Android TV Box, Firestick, or Roku Stick.

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to add the Kodi app to the Vizio Smart TV.

To be honest, the question of how to install Kodi on Vizio smart TV is irrelevant. You can only do this by casting or mirroring the screen of your computer system or smartphone.

A lot of people are accustomed to using convenient app stores like Google Play. However, Vizio Smart TV only has built-in apps and can’t install Kodi app.

However, this task is doable.

Keep in mind that before buying a TV like a Vizio Smart TV, you should learn how to install Kodi app on your Vizio Smart TV. You should think very carefully before buying such a device.

Keep in mind that the content you are going to add to your Smart TV must be transferred to the Smart TV using a dedicated USB cable. Also, be sure to check the hardware and software support before buying a smart TV.

Quick Advice

A Vizio Smart TV owner who needs to download Kodi will benefit from knowing one of the many third-party methods.

In short, here is how to install Kodi on Vizio Smart TV:

1.Get an Android device such as a streaming device, or download KODI on your computer.

2.Add KODI to this device through Google Play, or download it on a PC.

3.Connect your Android device or computer via USB, cast, HDMI, or screen mirroring methods.

4.After installation, you can add KODI add-ons.

Alternative option. Vizio already has an app with which you can enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies. Many have concluded that using this application is much more convenient, thanks to a nice interface.

How to Install Kodi on Vizio Smart TV?

Installation via Firestick, Roku Ultra, or Nvidia Shield

One of the most common ways how to put Kodi on Vizio Smart TV is to use a Firestick, Roku Ultra, or Nvidia Shield, and then plug it into your TV’s USB drive.

1.Connect any Android device to your Vizio Smart TV via USB.

2.Go to Google Play Store and search for Kodi.

3.Download Kodi and then Install Kodi.

4.Enjoy using Kodi with all its benefits on your Smart TV.

For Apple TV users, the method is slightly different.

Installing KODI on a Firestick or Nvidia Shield is very simple, but is there a better option?

Yes, there is a better alternative. There are a fair amount of new apps out there that can easily compete with KODI. Plex stands out among such applications. This is a very good alternative if you need to look at other options.

The other way of installing Kodi on Vizio Smart TVs

It is also possible to use this method for Kodi-like installations. For example, Plex.

For those who do not want to pay for a streaming device to install KODI on their Vizio Smart TV, a good alternative is to use a personal streaming service.

Vizio has included an app that replaces KODI in the built-in apps and can be installed in less than 10 minutes without the need to purchase anything extra.

Compared to installing KODI, the advantage of the personal streaming service is that it allows you to watch any movie or TV show without a complex setup since the personal streaming app is already built into Vizio smart TVs called Plex.

Vizio Smart TV owners do not need a third-party way to get the same benefits as KODI. The navigation system, it should be noted, is rather simple. For example, you can easily find an actor, a movie rating, and more. Also, you don’t need to update channels in the tedious ways KODI requires.

Also, many users simply run KODI on their phone or tablet and stream it to make using KODI easier no matter where they are. Other users also use IPTV. One way or another, a streaming device is necessary.

How to use Kodi on Vizio Smart TV through casting

The other popular way to install Kodi on Vizio Smart Tv is by simply streaming from a device such as a computer that has Kodi installed. In addition, screen mirroring with an HDMI cable is also an easy and fast solution.

Keep in mind that Vizio Smartcast can work with Airplay 2 and Chromecast. This allows you to easily install Kodi app from your computer directly to your Vizio Smart TV. This method has its drawbacks, the main one being that you will need to turn on the computer every time to watch TV.

Stream Kodi to Vizio Smart TV via Windows:

  1. Install Kodi on your PC.
  2. Connect your PC and smart TV to the same wireless network.
  3. Launch Chrome on your PC.
  4. Find the three vertical dots in the upper right corner and click Cast.
  5. Locate your Vizio TV and select it.
  6. Now click on “Share”
  7. Open the application and use it.

To install KODI on Vizio Smart TV from Mac using Airplay 2 streaming, you will need an expensive adapter or a simple HDMI connection. KODI is not supported on Mac in the same way that Windows does.

This method to put KODI on Vizio Smart TV is usually used only as a temporary solution and, of course, cannot provide you with a full home theater experience, with a perfect movie viewing without the use of various tricks. Nevertheless, this method serves its purpose.

How to Stream Kodi to a Visio Smart TV through HDMI

Installing KODI on your Vizio Smart TV using HDMI is the easiest and most direct way, requiring only an HDMI cable and a computer or laptop. The computer or laptop must be running at all times when using KODI to mirror on a Vizio TV. Many do not particularly like this method, because here it is necessary to constantly physically move around.

How to install KODI on Vizio Smart TV using HDMI:

  1. Find the HDMI ports on your TV and your computer.
  2. Connect HDMI cable to both devices.
  3. Adjust display settings. If you are using Windows, go to settings, then the system tab, and finally display. If on Mac, look for System Preferences.
  4. Kodi is connected.

Be ready to do this all the time whenever you want to install KODI on Vizio Smart TV. You can see how to do this every time you want to install KODI on Vizio Smart TV.


Can you add Kodi to a Vizio Smart TV?

Yes, it’s possible to add Kodi to a Vizio Smart TV! Although this feature was not originally provided. This can be done through Firestick, an Android TV box for adding Kodi, through HDMI and screen mirroring.

Can additional apps be added to a Vizio Smart TV?

Unfortunately, there are no app stores available on Vizio Smart TVs. And that means installing Kodi app is not possible.

How do I install an APK file on my Vizio Smart TV?

Android operating system is not supported on this type of smart tv. Install a Firestick or an Android TV box to add Kodi on Vizio Smart TV. Then connect your Android TV stick to your Vizio smart TV with a special USB cable, and then go to the Android operating system TV box menu item and look for the Google Play Store icon there.
Then search for Kodi in the search bar. Choose and download the latest Kodi version on your Android operating system Firestick. Now allow the installation (just a few seconds) on the Android TV stick.


Using HDMI or Chromecast to cast KODI from the computer to Vizio TVs is not a bad way, but very tedious due to constant computer use. Therefore, most often the advice is to switch to a personal streaming service or use a streaming device like Firestick.

These are two of the most popular methods by far when it comes to hosting KODI on Vizio Smart TVs. These are working methods that are quite simple and can be carried out without filling the gap in the Android operating system that Vizio leaves.

The methods described at the beginning are not long-term and can quickly get boring because using Kodi on Vizio Smart TV means just turning something on and enjoying it, and not doing extra work with the connection.

Thus, Kodi for Vizio TV is one of the best things you can do to make watching TV shows, movies, TV shows, and more enjoyable. Using all the methods presented, you will significantly improve the quality of your viewing experience.

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