Kodi vs Fire Stick for live sports: which is better for sports fans?

Are you a sports fan who wants to watch your favorite games without having to pay for cable?

You are likely familiar with the two most sought-after options if you have explored this topic. It is Kodi and the Amazon Fire Stick.

In this blog post, we compare the two streaming services, Fire TV with Kodi, and determine which one is best for sports fans.

We also have a focus on the Amazon Fire Stick, an easy-to-use device from Amazon that allows you to access a wide range of streaming services.

Let’s take a look at what the Fire Stick can offer you as a sports fan.

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Kodi or Fire Stick: which is better for streaming live sports content?

For sports fans, being able to stream live content is essential. Whether it is to follow their favorite team or watch the big game, having access to streaming technology is key.

And with so many streaming devices and apps on the market, it can be tough to decide which one is best.

Should you go with Kodi and its wide selection of Kodi addons, or should you get an Amazon Fire TV Stick?

Kodi is open-source software, you can install Kodi on a variety of devices. It is highly customizable and offers a large selection of add-ons that provide access to streaming content.

However, setting up Kodi can be a bit more complicated than other streaming devices, as it requires you to install the software and configure all the settings yourself.

For those looking for an easy way to install Kodi on their Fire TV device, the Kodi App from the Amazon Appstore is available for download.

On the other hand, the Amazon Fire Stick is a fairly basic app that does not require much setup.

You can easily plug the Fire stick into your television and start streaming right away.

It also offers plenty of options for streaming content, including live sports.

So when it comes to streaming live sports content, it is clear that the Amazon Fire Stick is the better option.

Fire TV is easy to set up and provides users with a wide variety of content.

Not to mention, their robust streaming service ensures smooth transmission and reliable reception that allow for a great viewing experience for any fan of live sports.

Plus, with Amazon’s excellent customer service and technical support, any issues you may encounter while streaming live sports can be quickly resolved.

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What else can be used?

When it comes to streaming TV sticks, these variants are two of the most popular options.

Amazon Fire TV Cube

It is produced by Amazon and promotes Amazon Instant Video, which offers a wide selection of movies, television shows, and other content.

It also comes with an Alexa Voice Remote that allows users to remote control their TV and audio-visual devices with their voice. The Cube also provides access to Apple TV and other services.

Android TV box

The Android box, meanwhile, runs on Google’s Android operating system and provides access to the Google Play Store. It is a great option for those who already have a smart TV, as it allows them to access a wide variety of content without needing to buy a new one.

Unlike the Amazon option, however, it does not come with an Alexa Voice Remote.

No matter which device you choose, both offer access to a wide range of services and apps, making them ideal for anyone looking to enhance their viewing experience.

Why is the Fire TV Stick the best option for sports fans?

The Amazon Fire TV is a powerful streaming device that offers a multitude of advantages for those looking to enhance their home entertainment experience.

App availability

One of the main advantages of Amazon Fire Stick over Kodi is the vast app availability.

Amazon Fire Stick gives you access to a wide range of apps that can help you stream sports content from just about anywhere.

Plus, Amazon Fire Stick integrates with popular TV services, like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video, making it easy to manage locally stored media.


Amazon Fire Stick also has a much more user-friendly interface than Kodi, allowing you to easily access your favorite sports channels with just a few clicks. And if you’re looking for an even better streaming experience, there’s the TV Cube which offers a voice remote.


The Fire TV provides high-quality sports content streaming in 1080p HD resolution, delivering an outstanding viewing experience with comfortable remote control.

Its speedy and dependable processor ensures seamless streaming, even during peak traffic periods, so you can enjoy every crucial moment of live sports events.

Additionally, the Fire TV has a compact size and easy setup making it an excellent option for those seeking a hassle-free way to stream sports content.

With the Fire Stick, sports enthusiasts can quickly access a broad range of sports-related apps, including live sports channels and highlights, with just a click.

Users feedback

I trust that the feedback information is providing you with a better comprehension of why opting for the Amazon product is the more favorable decision.

First feedback. I recently purchased the Amazon Fire TV and have been thoroughly impressed with its ability to stream live sports. The setup was a breeze, and the interface is incredibly intuitive. I’ve experienced no issues with buffering or lag during live events, and the video quality is excellent.

Second feedback. Having used both Kodi and Amazon Fire Stick for streaming live sports, I prefer Amazon’s service. While Kodi offers a vast selection of plugins, many of them are outdated. In contrast, stick offers a more limited selection of apps, but they are all up-to-date and work seamlessly with the device for live sports streaming.

All in all, Amazon Fire Stick is the clear choice for sports fans looking for an easy and convenient way to watch their favorite teams.

With its vast app availability, TV service integration, and user-friendly interface, Fire TV Stick offers all the features you need to get the most out of your streaming experience.

am file stick

Top live sports apps available on Fire Stick

Fire TV offers a wide selection of live sports apps that give viewers access to the latest sports news and events.

Popular apps like ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, DAZN, Sling TV, FuboTV, and Hulu Live TV provide users with a variety of options to watch live sports in high definition.

With each of these services in Fire TV, users can access a range of sports, including football, soccer, basketball, hockey, and more.

Also, these apps offer a plethora of features and functionalities, allowing users to stay up-to-date with the latest news in the sports world, watch live games with minimal delay, catch up on highlights, and access a vast library of sports-related content.

Let’s see some examples of applications (Fox Sports, NBC Sports, and FuboTV) in more detail because they have the biggest number of downloads!

Fox Sports

Fox Sports offers live access to sporting events such as the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, and soccer leagues like the Bundesliga, MLS, and UEFA Champions League.

The app also provides studio shows and original content. Fox Sports allows for HD-quality streaming and provides customizable alerts and notifications for specific sports and teams.

Additionally, users can access replays, highlights, and analyses.

NBC Sports

NBC Sports provides access to live sporting events such as the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, Premier League, and Olympics.

The app allows for live viewing of games and events in real-time and offers on-demand replays, highlights, and analysis.

NBC Sports also offers customizable alerts and notifications, as well as live streaming of studio shows and original content.


FuboTV is a streaming service that provides access to live sporting events from various networks, including ESPN, CBS, Fox, NBC, and beIN Sports.

The app offers live streaming of the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, soccer leagues such as La Liga, Serie A, and Ligue 1, and other sports such as tennis, golf, and MMA.

FuboTV also offers cloud DVR storage, enabling users to record and watch their favorite sporting events on demand.

Additionally, FuboTV provides multi-screen streaming, allowing users to view multiple live sporting events simultaneously on different devices.

If you’re looking for an easy way to watch live sports, then Fire Stick is definitely the way to go. With a wide selection of apps available and the ability to install Kodi on your Fire TV device, you can be sure to never miss out on your favorite games.

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How to set up Fire Stick for streaming live sports?

To set up your Amazon Fire Stick for streaming live sports, follow these steps:

  1. Plug your Amazon Fire Stick into your TV and turn it on. Use your own remote control to navigate the Fire TV menus.
  2. Connect your Amazon Fire Stick to the internet. You can do this either with an ethernet cable or via Wi-Fi.
  3. Go to the home screen on your Amazon Fire Stick and select the “Search” option.
  4. Type in the name of the app or service that you want to use for live sports streaming (e.g., ESPN+, NBC Sports, FuboTV).
  5. Download and install the app or service to your Amazon Fire Stick. If you are using Instant Video, you can also use it to stream live sports.
  6. Alternatively, if you have installed Kodi on your Amazon Fire Stick, you can also use online streaming services such as Mobdro and USTVnow.
  7. Launch the app or service and sign in or create an account if necessary.
  8. Find the live sports event that you want to watch and start streaming.

[NOTE] Make attention that some live sports streaming services may require a subscription or payment to access their content.

Make sure to check the pricing and subscription options for each service before signing up.

Tips for troubleshooting Fire Stick when streaming live sports

If you are having trouble streaming live sports on your Amazon Fire Stick, there are a few things you can try to improve the experience.

Check your internet connection

Make sure that your Amazon Fire Stick is connected to a strong and stable internet connection. You can check your internet speed using a speed test app or website, and ensure that your connection meets the minimum requirements for streaming live sports.

Restart your Fire Stick

Sometimes, simply restarting your Fire Stick can fix any temporary issues that may be causing problems with live sports streaming. To do this, go to Settings > My Fire TV Stick > Restart.

Clear cache and data

Clearing the cache and data of the app you’re using to stream live sports can help improve its performance. To do this, go to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications > select the app > Clear cache/data.

Update your Fire Stick and apps

Make sure that Amazon’s Fire Stick apps that are used to stream live sports are up to date. You can check for updates by going to Fire TV Settings > My Fire TV > About > Check for Updates.

Disable VPN or Proxy

If you are using a VPN or proxy server, try disabling it temporarily as it may be causing issues with live sports streaming on your Fire TV.

Try a different app

If you still can’t stream live sports, try using a different app such as Amazon Prime Video, Downloader App for external third-party applications, or another USB Stick.

These apps all promote Amazon’s Fire Stick for streaming online media content.

Check for app-specific issues

To address issues with a particular app on your Fire TV, refer to online forums or the app developer’s website for known problems or troubleshooting advice. Contacting the app’s customer support is also an option.

Free up storage space

To optimize the performance of apps on your Fire TV, such as those used for streaming live sports, ensure that your device has sufficient storage space. To free up space on the Fire TV, consider uninstalling unused apps or clearing the cache of those you use less often.

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Welcome to the Fire TV FAQ section, where we answer common questions about Kodi and Fire Stick. Our FAQ section helps you make an informed decision and enhance your Fire TV streaming experience.

Does Kodi work better on Firestick?

Kodi is designed to perform well on various platforms, including the Fire Stick. However, the performance of Kodi on a Fire TV may depend on the specific model and the add-ons utilized.

Some users may find that Kodi performs better on other devices, while others may prefer the convenience and portability of the Fire Stick.

Why do you need Kodi on Firestick?

Kodi offers a versatile and convenient way to stream media content on a Fire TV. With Kodi, users can access a wide range of content, including movies, TV shows, music, and live TV, from various sources.

Additionally, Kodi can be customized with add-ons to enhance its functionality and provide access to more content.

Is Kodi still relevant?

Yes, Kodi remains relevant and widely used. Despite facing legal challenges related to third-party add-ons, Kodi continues to be a popular streaming media player and platform.

The Kodi community remains active and continually develops new add-ons and features.

What is Kodi good for?

Kodi is a versatile streaming media player and platform that can be used for various purposes, including:
 • Streaming movies, TV shows, music, and live TV
 • Accessing media content from various sources, including local networks, the internet, and third-party add-ons
 • Customizing the Kodi interface and functionality with add-ons and skins
 • Managing and organizing media libraries
 • Playing and streaming media content to other devices on the same network
 • Providing a unified media player for multiple devices and platforms

Ideas summarising

The Kodi and Amazon Fire TV debate can be a tricky one to navigate. Each streaming platform offers unique benefits, so you should choose the one that best meets your needs.

Kodi and Fire Stick both offer an easy way to watch movies, TV shows, and more on your home television. But each has its own strengths and weaknesses.


Kodi is an open-source media player that is highly customizable and available on many different devices.

If you’re looking for the widest range of content, go to install Kodi. With its wide range of streaming apps and add-ons, it provides more control over what you watch and when you watch it.

However, it is worth noting that while Kodi offers an extensive range of content, it comes with certain drawbacks. It is highly customizable, but this also means that some of its plugins may be outdated or unreliable.

Furthermore, Kodi’s open-source nature also means that it does not have the same level of support and regulation as a closed platform.

This can lead to security issues and vulnerabilities, potentially compromising your device and personal data.

Amazon streaming device

On the other hand, Fire Stick is a streaming device from Amazon that comes pre-loaded with the Prime Video app and allows users to access content from hundreds of services of Fire TV.

However, if convenience is the key factor, an Amazon service may be better. It is easy to install and comes with remote control, so you can use it easier.

Plus, with Amazon Prime Video, you get access to thousands of titles at no extra cost. Also, on Fire TV here are various sports applications and services!


Ultimately, the decision is up to you! Kodi or Fire Stick are both great variants as streaming device.

If you’re looking for more control and customization options, go to install Kodi on your smart TV or use a Downloader App.

But if all you want is quick and easy access to live sports, the Amazon Fire TV with Prime Video app might be your best bet.

If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them in the comments.

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