How to get free Hulu on Kodi: a step-by-step guide

Kodi is regarded as one of the best entertainment platforms. This is a software media center that can be installed on Windows, Raspberry Pi, MAC, Linux, and Android platforms.

Kodi entertainment center is free and open source, allowing you to run it on a variety of devices.

What is Hulu and how to get free Hulu on Kodi?

Hulu is a premium streaming service that offers quite a range of content including live TV, IPTV, movies, sports, premium networking add-ons, and more.

If you install Hulu on Kodi, it offers many famous and popular TV shows and movies on its service.

How to install Hulu Kodi Addon?

You can install Hulu Kodi plugin by doing the following steps:

  1. Open Kodi.
  2. Go to “Settings” and then to “Systems”, then open the “File Manager”.

3. Click “Add Source” and select “None”.

4. Enter: and click Done.

5. Navigate to “Enter media source name”.

6. Type “Fusion” then click “Finish”.

7. Click OK and go to the Kodi homepage.

8. Go back to Kodi settings, select “Systems” and click “Add-ons”.

9. You will see the option “Install from archive file”. Click.

10. Write “Fusion” again.

11. When you’ve done that, click “xmbc-reports” < “English” < “”.

12. It should take some time to load. After that, an Entertainment Repo message will appear on your screen.

13. Download the Kodi home screen page.

14. Go to Settings – Systems – Addons again.

15. Select “Install from repository”, then “Entertainment Repo”, then “Video Addons”.

16. Click Hulu Movie TV and then Install it.

17. Go back to the main screen of Kodi.

18. Select the “Video” and “Add-ons” options. There you will find the Hulu Kodi Addon.

19. Launch a Hulu subscription and enjoy!

How you can install Hulu on Kodi streaming service?

Follow these simple steps to install Hulu on Kodi: 

Open the Kodi app. Go to Kodi Settings, then Systems, then File Manager. Click Add Source, and click No.

Enter in the search field. Click Done. Enter “media source name”, click “MK”, then “Done”.

Return to the main Kodi page. Once again, go to settings-systems-add-ons. Click “install from zip file”. Select “MK”.

Click “xmbc-reports” to “English” to “”. Kodi home screen page. Click Settings, then Systems, then Add-ons.

Select “Install from Repository”, then “Metal Kettles Addon Repository”, and then “Video Addons”. Install Hulubox.

Click “Video” and then select “Add-ons”. Launch Hulu Box.

How to Watch Hulu movie TV on Kodi?

Keep in mind that you can’t start watching Hulu right away because Hulu on xbm is the source address that only allows you to access other entertainment links.

To launch Hulu movie TV you must do the following:

Once you install Hulu on Kodi, click the green icon on the screen. Press the “free” button on the display.

Choose a green H+ logo. It’s a Hulu plus service that offers more advanced features. Please enter your login and password.

Enter the Hulu subscription information. A popup message will ask you to sign in to the Hulu add-on plus app. Navigate to the Hulu Plus app and sign in.

After that, you will have access to Hulu on Kodi through your iOS device. It will finally let you watch Hulu premium movies and TV shows on Kodi.

Hulu on Kodi Addon: features

The Hulu add-on comes with several great features.

Live TV option

You get full live stream access to the Hulu account and the entire Hulu on Kodi catalog. Once you sign in with your account details, you can see all of Hulu.

Location Support

The Hulu Kodi Addon has GPS support. This allows you to view content that is supported in your country.

However, if you want to access streaming Hulu content or live TV around the world, you can log in to your VPN account and the Addon will download local content for that country.

Bookmark Support

The Hulu Kodi Addon has full support for bookmarks, so you can save your favorites and quickly access them later.

Dolby Digital H265/4K/5.1 support

Hulu Addon for Kodi supports the latest audio and video protocols, allowing you to watch content in 4K with full support for Dolby Digital. H265.

Support for IPTV fusion

IPTV Merge is an Addon in the same repository that can generate playlists and EPG data from individual add-ons.

Finally, you can watch shows, movies, and sports in up to 3840 x 2160 24fps.


Can I get Hulu for free?

Yes. Hulu on Kodi Add-on is free and does not require a service fee.

Does Kodi have Hulu?

Thanks to the efforts of Matt Huisman, Hulu Add-on is now available for Kodi, one of the most anticipated additions. The Hulu Kodi Add-on is completely free, but it takes some effort to install.

How do I install Netflix on Kodi?

It’s as easy as installing Hulu!
Download the zip file of the alelec repository. Open the Kodi media player, go to the main screen, and select the “Settings” sub-option under “System”.
Select the option “Add-ons” from the list and then “Install from zip file”. Select the “alelec repository zip” file which was downloaded at startup.
Double-click the .zip file to unzip or extract it.
Go back to the previous menu and choose “install from repository”. In the interface, click “alelec Kodi Repo”, and then the sub-item “Add-ons for the program”.
Select the Chrome launcher, and wait for a while to be notified that “add-on is enabled”.
Go back to the “Add-ons” menu and click on the “alelec Kodi repo” sub-option under “install from repository”.
Click on Video Add-ons and then double-click Netflixbmc to install the add-on.
After completing the installation of Netflix on Kodi xbmc, go back to the main Kodi screen. Here, select “video” then “Add-ons” and “NetflixBMC”.
In the end, a window will pop up in front of you that requires some details. This is where you have to provide your account details, including the username and password of Netflix.


If you’re a heavy media consumer, then Hulu on Kodi is the perfect option for you. Streaming services such as Hulu offer a wide range of media to watch.

The Hulu box library contains a lot of TV shows and Kodi helps to integrate them.

The process above is long, but it will also help you install Hulu and Hulu Addon. In addition, you can install Hulu on Kodi completely free!

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