How to install Fusion on Kodi 16: get more out of Kodi 16

In this article, we will provide a guide on installing Fusion (the addon installer) on Kodi repos, as well as how to use it to access a variety of popular add-ons.

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We’ll also cover some common issues that Kodi users may encounter when installing or using Kodi Fusion add-ons, and provide some troubleshooting tips to install Fusion addon easier.

So if you’re looking to expand your Kodi Fusion experience and learn how to install Fusion addon, read on!

A quick explanation of Fusion for Kodi 16

The Kodi app is a popular media player software that allows users to access and stream a wide variety of content from the comfort of their homes.

Some users may find that they want to expand upon Kodi repos functionality even further. This is where the Fusion addon installer comes in.

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Fusion is a repository of audio and video addons and plugins that can be installed as a zip file on Kodi 16 to enhance its capabilities.

After they install Fusion addon, Kodi repos (Kodi scripts) users can access a wealth of streaming options, from movies/video addons, audio addons, and TV addons to live sports events.

Preparing Kodi 16 for Fusion add-ons

Before you can install Fusion addon, you’ll need to make sure that your Kodi settings are properly configured.

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Here are the steps you’ll need to follow:

  1. Enabling “Unknown Sources” in Kodi 16

By default, Kodi repos do not allow installations from sources. To enable the install Fusion addon option, go to the “Settings” option on the Kodi home screen and select “System Settings”.

From there, select “Add-ons” and toggle on the Unknown ones.

  1. Adding the Fusion source URL to Kodi 16

Next, you’ll have to add the Fusion source URL to Kodi 16. To do this, go back to the “Settings” option in Kodi 16 and select “File Manager”.

From there, click on “Add Source” and input the source URL.

  1. Verifying that Kodi 16 can access the Fusion

Once you’ve added the source URL to Kodi 16, you’ll need to verify that it can be accessed. To do this, return to the Kodi home screen and select “Add-ons”.

From there, click on the “Package Installer” zip file icon (it looks like an open box) and select “Install from zip file”.

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If you can access the Fusion on Kodi repository, then you are ready to proceed with the installation of the Fusion zip file.

By following these steps to prepare Kodi 16 for Fusion, you can ensure that your media player is properly configured to install Fusion addon.

How to install Fusion Kodi addon repository

Now that you’ve prepared Kodi to install Fusion addon, it’s time to install Fusion on Kodi.

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Here are the steps you’ll need to follow to install Fusion on Kodi.

  1. Access the Fusion Kodi addon installer and install from zip file

From the Kodi home screen, select “Add-ons” and then click on the “Package Installer” zip file icon (it looks like an open box).

From there, select “Install from zip file” and choose the source that you added in the previous section.

  1. Selecting the appropriate Fusion Kodi addon installer

Once you’ve accessed the Fusion addon repository, you’ll be presented with a list of available add-ons.

Browse through the list and select the Fusion addon that you want to install.

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Some popular options include Exodus, SportsDevil, and Phoenix, but there are many others to choose from as well.

  1. Confirming and installing the Fusion addon

After you’ve selected the Fusion addon you would like to install, click on the “Install” button to install repositories.

Kodi 16 will then download and install repositories selected, which may take a few minutes depending on the size of the files and your internet connection speed.

Once the installation process is complete, you’ll be able to access the newly installed Fusion addon from the Kodi 16 home screen.

Simply select the Fusion addon you want to use. By following these steps, you can install Fusion Kodi addon and start enjoying a wider range of content than ever before.

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Using Fusion to access downloaded addons

After you install Fusion Kodi addon, you can start using it to access a wide range of add-ons. Here’s how:

  • How to access and use the add-ons installed via the Fusion installer

To access the Kodi Fusion add-on that you’ve installed via Fusion, simply select them from the Kodi 16 home screen and choose the add-on you want to use.

From there, you can browse through the available Fusion addon content and start streaming your favorite movies, TV shows, and more.

  • Popular add-ons available through the Fusion repository

There are many popular addon installer options available through Fusion, including Exodus, SportsDevil, Phoenix, and more.

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These featured addons provide access to a wide range of content, including movies, TV shows, live sports events, and more.

  • Advantages of using Fusion addon installer

One of the main advantages of using Fusion for add-on installation is the convenience factor.

Additionally, Fusion is constantly updated, so you can always stay up-to-date with the latest featured addons.

By using Fusion to access them on Kodi 16, you can greatly enhance your media player experience and gain access to a wider range of content than ever before.

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Whether you’re a fan of movies, TV shows, live sports events, or something else entirely, Fusion has something for everyone. Do you want to learn how to install add-on on Kodi (Bennu) for free film streaming? Please, follow the link!

Troubleshooting common issues with Fusion

A Fusion install from zip file is generally a smooth and easy process, but there are a few common issues that users may encounter. Here are some troubleshooting tips for common Fusion issues:

  • Error message when trying to install Fusion

If you receive an error message when trying to install Fusion, double-check that you’ve added the correct source URL and that you’ve enabled “Unknown Sources” in Kodi 16.

If you’re still having trouble, try clearing your Kodi 16 cache and restarting the app before attempting to install Fusion again.

  • The add-on not working properly after you install Fusion

If you’re experiencing issues after you install Fusion addon installed via Fusion, try updating the add-on to the latest version.

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You can also try to install Fusion addon once again to see if that resolves the issue.

Additionally, make sure that you have a stable internet connection and that you’re using a VPN if necessary to access geo-restricted content.

  • The slow performance or buffering after you install Fusion

If you’re experiencing slow performance or buffering when using Fusion, try clearing the cache on your Kodi 16 app.

You can also try increasing your internet speed or using a wired connection if possible.

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By following these troubleshooting tips, you can quickly and easily resolve common issues that may arise when installing or using Fusion on Kodi 16.

Alternatives to Fusion

While Fusion is a popular repository for Kodi, there are alternative repositories and add-on installers available to install from zip file. Here is an overview of some alternatives to install repositories:

  • SuperRepo

SuperRepo is a centralized repository for Kodi media players. It offers access to over 2,500 add-ons across various categories such as music, video, and sports.

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SuperRepo is available in both free and paid versions, with the paid version offering faster download speeds and more frequent updates.

  • Noobs and Nerds

Noobs and Nerds is a community-driven repository that offers a variety of add-ons for Kodi 16. It features a user-friendly interface and includes popular ones like Bob Unrestricted, Elysium, and Specto.

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  • Ares Wizard

Ares Wizard is a popular add-on installer for Kodi 16 that offers a wide range of options for streaming movies, TV shows, and live TV.

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It includes useful features like cache clearing and maintenance tools to keep your Kodi media player running smoothly.

Pros and cons of using alternative add-on installers compared to Fusion

It’s important to evaluate the pros and cons of each alternative add-on installer compared to Fusion to determine which one is the best fit for your needs.

Here are some pros and cons of using alternative add-on installers compared to Fusion:


  • More add-ons: Alternative add-on installers may offer a wider variety of add-on options that are not available in the Fusion repository.
  • Community-driven: Some alternative add-on installers, like Noobs and Nerds, are community-driven and may offer a more personalized experience.
  • Different features: Alternative add-on installers may offer unique features that are not available in Fusion, such as cache clearing and maintenance tools.
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  • Technical knowledge required: Some alternative add-on installers may require more technical knowledge to install and use compared to Fusion, which can be more user-friendly.
  • Less reliable: Alternative add-on installers may be less reliable or have slower updates compared to Fusion, which is a more established and popular repository.
  • Risk of malware: Alternative add-on installers may carry a higher risk of malware or viruses compared to Fusion, which is a more trusted and secure repository.

Ultimately, the pros and cons of using alternative Kodi addons compared to Fusion depend on individual preferences and needs.

It’s important to research and evaluate each option to determine which one is the best fit for your specific requirements.

If you want to know not only how to install Fusion on Kodi 16, but also any add, check out this link.


In conclusion, Kodi Fusion install addons are a great way to enhance your media player experience and gain access to a wide range of add-on options and content.

Overall, we highly recommend that Kodi 16 users give Fusion a try. Fusion Kodi addons are a great way to enhance your media player experience and access a wide range of content.

Just be sure to install Fusion Kodi addons following this guide and check the troubleshooting tips provided in the article to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions provide quick answers to common queries about installing and using Fusion, add-ons, and a Kodi media player.

What is Fusion add-on?

Fusion is a centralized hub for the Kodi add-on that can be installed on your media player.

It offers a diverse selection of Kodi Fusion install addons that can enhance your media viewing experience, featuring popular options such as Exodus, SportsDevil, and Phoenix.

Is Indigo still working on Kodi?

You can’t install Indigo addon. It is currently unsupported on Kodi, as the developers have discontinued the Indigo addon. The Indigo addon was removed from the official Kodi repository.

Nonetheless, there are alternatives available that can offer similar features and functions as the Kodi Indigo addon.

How do I install an addon installer on Kodi?

If you want to install an add-on installer on Kodi, you must first activate the Fusion installer source within the Fusion Kodi settings.
Following this, you can download an add-on installer repository and add it as a source in Kodi.
Once added, you can install the add-on installer from the repository and use it to install any additional add-on you require.

How do I install Video Devil on FireStick?

We do not recommend installing Video Devil as it may present a risk of downloading malicious content and is of questionable third-party addon installation legality. Consequently, we will not provide installation instructions for this add-on.

However, other Kodi add-on options offer comparable content and are much safer to use that you can also install from zip file.

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