How to Install Bennu on Kodi for free film streaming?

Are you looking to install Bennu, the new Phoenix addon on Kodi? If so, then you have come to the right place! In this blog post, we guide you through the procedure of how to install Bennu on Kodi, including preparation, setup, risks, tips, and troubleshooting.

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We are also discussing why it is a great Kodi addon and how it can improve or elevate your experience with Kodi addons.

So, if you’re ready to get started, let’s dive into Kodi addons and learn how to install Bennu, the famous among Kodi addons.

Also, other Kodi video add-ons that are close to Bennu functionality can be installed by this tutorial!

A new Phoenix addon, reborn as the Bennu Kodi addon

It is a fact that Kodi app users around the world have been enjoying the Phoenix Kodi add-on for many years.

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However, the Phoenix Kodi add-on has recently been revived as the Bennu Kodi addon and this new version of the Phoenix addon provides users with even more features and options.

The Bennu add-on offers improved streaming links for both TV shows and movies, as well as a powerful add-on browser to make navigation and choosing of streams even easier.

This new add-on also allows the Kodi community to stream from other popular providers such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.

Additionally, it allows users to access additional content not available through the Phoenix add-on, including live sports and international channels. For those who have been using the Phoenix add-on, there is no need to uninstall it to upgrade to Bennu; the new add-on will take over, and all settings will remain the same.

[NOTE] Pirated streams using various video add-ons (like the Pheonix addon) can be illegal in some countries.

Install Bennu Kodi addon: Preparation

  1. Ensure that your Kodi device is connected to the internet so that you can download the Bennu Kodi addon from the repository.Video add-ons also can be installed offline with required files on the storage.
  2. Make sure that you have sufficient space on your device for the installation of the add-on, as it requires a few megabytes of space.
  3. Ensure that your device is running the most up-to-date version of Kodi to install the add-on without any issues.
  4. Before installing the Bennu addon, make sure that your system is virus and malware-free, as downloading from untrusted sources can result in malicious content being added to your device.
  5. Prepare a backup of your existing Kodi setup in case of any unexpected issues with the installation process.This will help you quickly restore your settings.
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Install Bennu addon on Kodi: Process

Installing the Bennu Kodi add-on is not difficult. The first thing you will need to do is locate the Ares zip file that you wish to install.

You can find it on various video addons websites, or you can download it directly from the Colossus repository.

After you have identified it, you need to open Kodi and navigate to the System menu option.

From there, select the File Manager option, and then select “Add Source” from the list of options.

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Next, you have to select the “Install from zip file” option.

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Pick the location where you downloaded the Ares zip file, and then hit the “Install” button.

After the setup has been completed, you should get an “Add-on enabled” notification at the top right of your screen.

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Now that the add-on has been enabled, it is time to open the add-on browser in Kodi.

To do this, navigate to the System menu, select the gear icon, and then select “Add-ons” from the list of options.

Next, select “Install from repository” and then pick the Ares Wizard.

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From here, select the Ares repo, and then select “Program Add-ons”.

From this list in the Ares repo, select “Bennu” and then click on the “Install” button.

After a few moments, you should get a notification saying that Bennu has been installed.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed it on Kodi.

Now you can enjoy of favorite broadcasting.


Installing third-party addons from external sources like the Colossus repo can be risky and should be done with caution.

When installing from archives or repositories from the Colossus repository, there is always a risk that malicious code may be included in the addons.

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It is important to check the source from which you are downloading the files to ensure it is a legitimate source.

Additionally, when installing addons from unofficial repositories (Colossus repo), be aware that some may provide access to pirated streams which are illegal and could put your computer at risk of being hacked.

When installing the Bennu Kodi video addon, it is important to choose the official Kodi repository or the trusted Colossus repository, as these are secured sources and safe to use.

Other sources such as Ares Wizard or Ares repo compared to the official Kodi repository may not be officially recognized by the Kodi Foundation and should only be used if you know what you are doing.

The safest way to install the Bennu Kodi video addon or other video addons is to go through the System menu option in Kodi, then select Add-ons and click on “Install from Zip file“. This ensures that you get a clean version of the addon without any malicious code.


Install Bennu Kodi addon is relatively simple, but it helps to follow a few tips to ensure a successful installation of the Bennu Kodi add-on.

First, after hitting “Install Bennu addon”. Wait a few minutes after downloading the Colossus repo and installing it in the File Manager window. This allows the Colossus repo to fully update itself with any changes.

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When you open the Ares repo, look for the gear icon in the top-right corner of the display. This brings up a few extra settings.

It’s also important to note that the Kodi community is always changing and evolving. This means that add-ons can come and go at any time.

Always check for updates to the Bennu Kodi addon, as well as other add-ons, to make sure you have the latest version available from the Kodi Foundation.

Finally, if you’re having trouble installing or running Bennu, it can often help to clear your Kodi temporary files and try again. Doing this clears out any trash that might be causing issues with Bennu.

By following these tips and taking the time to prepare your Kodi setup properly, you should have no problems using the Bennu Kodi addon!


First, you must have all the necessary settings. Check the settings icon in Kodi and check that you have enabled Unknown Sources, as this allows you to install third-party extensions.

Second, make sure that the version of Kodi that you are using is compatible with Bennu.

Third, make sure that your internet connection is working properly. If you are having trouble streaming videos or viewing pirated streams, then the connection may be causing the problem.

Finally, if none of these steps fix your issue, go to reinstall the add-on.

To learn more about Add-on_manager, read this post here.


Q: How do I install plugins on Kodi?

A: To install the Bennu Kodi add-on, you first need to add the Colossus repository, then access the File Manager window in Kodi and select the “Install from zip file” option.

Once you hit the “Install from zip file”, you are able to install the Bennu from the Pheonix addon. After this, you receive an add-on-enabled notification.

Q: How do I get local news channels on Kodi?

A: You can get it on the Kodi app by using the Ares Wizard. It is a popular add-on for Kodi and can be accessed by clicking on the gear icon at the top left of your home screen, then selecting the “Add On Browser” option.

In the extension, select “Program Add Ons” followed by “TV Guide” and then select “Add TV Guide” to get access to local news channels.

Q: Can you watch local news on Kodi?

A: Yes, you can watch local news on Kodi. As mentioned previously, you can access local news channels by selecting “Program Add Ons”, followed by “TV Guide” and then selecting “Add TV Guide”.

Q: Can I watch beIN sports on Kodi?

A: By installing the appropriate add-ons from the Ares repo, you can. However, remember that many of these streams are pirated.

In conclusion

The installation of the Bennu Kodi add-on is relatively straightforward once you are aware of the preparation and process necessary to make it work.

The Bennu addon is available in the Colossus repository. The Colossus repository can be easily accessed by selecting the Settings icon on the main Kodi interface.

Keep in mind that this is a third-party Kodi addon, and there are risks associated with its installation.

However, with careful consideration, the Kodi community can install Bennu addon. Wait a minute and make sure it runs smoothly.

Wait for the installation to finish, as this ensures that the process works properly. If some errors occur, hit on the Settings icon and click “Restore default settings”.

Now you are able to install Bennu addon and take advantage of all the features it has to offer as the best third-party Kodi addon.

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