How to install cloud TV on Kodi: step-by-step guide

cCloud TV is a notable utilization that enables clients to browse channels worldwide, applying their gadgets.

If you apply Kodi, adding the cCloud TV Kodi addon is a prominent method to watch movies or your special TV program without switching between different apps.

The article illustrates the method to set cCloud TV Kodi addon in uncomplicated and effortless ways.

We’ll also impart some valuable pointers to enhance your background, meanwhile applying cCloud TV Kodi addon.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is a program that is free to apply and can be modified by anyone.

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The cCloud TV addon on Kodi is uncomplicated to apply and has several customization options through its add-ons.

Why set Cloud TV on Kodi?

cCloud TV addon is a remarkable IPTV addon for Kodi, which permits clients to observe numerous live TV channels worldwide on their gadgets.

After adding a TV addon on Kodi, a wide range of instruments can be accessed through Kodi’s interface. You can always put up addons on different gadgets, incorporating Windows PC.

Setting up the cCloud TV addon on Kodi can simplify your obtaining experience, as you won’t have to switch between multiple apps to appreciate your dearest channels.

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Another benefit of applying the TV addon on Kodi is that it’s unnecessary to clutter your device with additional streaming apps.

Make certain to inspect for updates regularly, as the cCloud TV addon on Kodi is regularly improved for better production and additional features.

It’s crucial to note that certain instruments accessible through the cCloud TV addon can have geographical limitations or require additional subscriptions for access.

In case you face any glitches while applying the cCloud TV addon on Kodi, you can seek facilitation and troubleshooting assistance from the cCloud TV guide or online forums.

Setting up the cCloud TV addon on Kodi provides an adaptable and uncomplicated method to access a diverse selection of (HD) quality channels worldwide on your gadget.

The cCloud TV addon on Kodi is a third-party Kodi addon. It’s not a formal addon, but it still stands as a prominent and dependable choice for streaming movies on Kodi.

Apart from live TV channels, the cCloud TV addon on Kodi also provides a selection of radio channels.

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cCloud TV addon is exactly one of the best live TV addons available on Kodi and also provides a collection of radio stations. This feature adds value to the overall streaming experience.

Someone can effortlessly explore and watch movies belonging to various genres such as action, comedy, drama, and others.

For those applying the cCloud TV addon on Kodi, it is advised to apply a credible VPN service to safeguard your quietness and security by inscribing your online activities and shielding your online naming.

Before learning how to install Cloud TV on Kodi you might also want to know how to clear history. If so, please open the link and read our detailed guide.

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How to set Kodi?

You can configure the cCloud TV addon on Kodi, applying a method similar to extra TV addons:

  1. To connect the cCloud TV archive URL to Kodi’s file manager, you have to foremost authorize programs in the Kodi settings.
  2. To install cCloud TV on Kodi, it is mandatory to have Kodi already put up on your gadget (more information you can find by following the link). You may avail of the last version of Kodi add-ons from the authorized website.
  3. To install cCloud TV addon on Kodi, you have to foremost reproduce the archive’s zip file. Then, unlock the cCloud Kodi addon and sort out the “install from zip file” option.
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How to obtain the Kodi repository?

To install cCloud TV addon on Kodi, you have to obtain the Kodi archive. The entirety of accessible add-ons for Kodi is hosted in a centralized location known as an archive.

To move into the archive, operate the Kodi home screen, select “Add-ons” option situated in the left-hand menu, and next press the unlocked box symbol located at the top left.

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How to put on the Cloud TV repository to Kodi?

Once you gain entry into the Kodi archive, you will have to append the cCloud repo in a zip file layout to your list of archives.

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To do this, unlock “Install from zip file” in the Add-ons card and operate to the location where you reproduced the cCloud TV archive folder. Sort out the folder and wait for the confirmation note.

How to set the Cloud TV add-on on Kodi?

After successfully adding the Cloud TV archive, you can authorize the cCloud TV addon on Kodi. Visit the Add-ons menu and pick out “Insert from the archive.”

Select cCloud TV from the catalog of attainable video add-ons and configure it. From here, you can explore the assortment of accessible add-ons and opt for “Cloud TV” to configure it.

How to configure Cloud TV on Kodi?

After setting cCloud TV add-on, you can customize it as per your liking.

To obtain the preferences of the “cCloud Kodi” addon, select “Add-ons” card, pick out “My Add-ons”, locate “Cloud TV”, and pick out the “Settings” icon.

It’s possible to personalize the appearance of your home screen by incorporating various skins or themes that alter the visual design and overall user experience.

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To initiate sources within the Kodi frameworks, navigate to the “Settings” icon on the home screen. Pick out the “System” possibility and then pick out “Add-ons.”

You can modify the preferences of the cCloud TV addon on Kodi by adjusting its settings as per your preferences.

To modify your Kodi preferences, navigate to the “Settings” menu, where you can adjust various options.

In the “Settings” menu, you can set up different addons and plugins.

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How to apply Cloud TV on Kodi?

To set cCloud TV Kodi addon, simply apply the “Videos” section on the Kodi home screen, pick out “Add ons,” and pick out “Cloud TV” “Video add-ons” section. Someone can explore the obtainable live TV options to pick out the desired one for watching.

On the home screen of your device, you can access all the add-ons that you have put up by selecting the “Video add-ons” option.

Other than the cCloud TV addon, the “Video add ons” option also provides a variety of popular video addons that offer extensive content, ranging from movies and shows to live channels.

You can apply a similar procedure to establish extra addons on cCloud Kodi addon, like when you did with the insertion of cCloud TV addon.

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How to improve Cloud TV on Kodi?

To guarantee that you apply the last edition, it is recommended to enable automatic updates by adjusting the frameworks of the cCloud TV Kodi addon.

To achieve this, navigate to the addons segment, opt for “My add-ons”. Once you’re there, operate the “Auto-refresh” option to switch it on.

Frequently asked questions

How do I install Ccloud TV on Kodi?

To install Ccloud TV addon on Kodi, it is imperative to begin by integrating the cCloud TV archive into the roster of repositories present within the cCloud Kodi addon.

Afterward, you can set the Ccloud TV add-on from the archive and configure it to your preferences. Finally, you can apply the add-on to browse and observe live TV channels.

Is cCloud TV still working?

cCloud TV addon has experienced intermittent outages and disruptions in the past due to legal issues and server maintenance.

It’s always a good idea to check the official cCloud TV website or online forums to notice if there are any current issues with the service.

How do I install TV addons on Kodi?

To set Kodi addons, you need to first authorize credits in the Kodi settings, then add an archive URL to Kodi’s file manager.

After that, you can set the add-on from the archive by appearing on the add-ons card, selecting “Insert from the zip file,” and then selecting the archive folder. Finally, you can apply the add-on to access TV content.


By applying this method, you can effortlessly install cCloud TV Kodi addon and appreciate a broad selection of TV channels worldwide.

cCloud TV Kodi addon is an outstanding addition to the cCloud Kodi addon setup.

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