Can Kodi be installed on Xbox 360? A detailed guide

It is possible to get Kodi, a well-liked media player, on several different gadgets. Your favorite films, TV series, and sporting events are all easily accessible using this media player. We’ll examine the potential for installing Kodi on Xbox 360 in this article.

can kodi be installed on xbox 360

What is Kodi?

For people who are unfamiliar with Kodi, I’ll use the phrase that best describes this program: Kodi, previously named Xbox Media Center, is a streaming media player that can stream both local and internet versions of every movie and television show. Also supported by Kodi are the majority of the current leading operating systems.

Kodi device on Xbox 360 offers beyond that. It offers a wide range of services for addons that deliver podcasts as well as music, in addition to video.

It can also open your photos so you may see them at the movies with your loved ones.

Installing the appropriate Kodi add-on and then accessing the desired content within it is the most straightforward way to use Kodi. In addition to live broadcasts, you may watch movies.

Can Kodi be installed on Xbox 2

How does it appear?

Kodi’s current state could not possibly be any more impressive. It is merely another Kodi system with a similar interface but available on other platforms. However, it still accomplishes the task at hand well.

Want to test out different gadgets? Install Kodi on Xbox 360, Kodi for Apple TV, or Samsung Smart TV.

Can Kodi be installed on Xbox 3

How to install Kodi on Xbox 360

You may install Kodi app on an Xbox 360 using a number of our recommended techniques. They are all easy to understand and are dependent on the gadget you have.

Check out each one below and watch your preferred Kodi shows directly from your Xbox gaming console.

Can Kodi be installed on Xbox 5

Install Kodi on Xbox 360 via DLNA(digital living network alliance) Or UPnP

Amazon Fire TV stick, desktops, and the majority of smartphones are all suitable with Kodi. It must therefore be installed on at least one of them before you install Kodi on Xbox 360.

When you’re ready to install Kodi on Xbox 360, open the Kodi App on your device and adhere to the directions below.

Access Settings

Select service settings after locating the settings icon in the leftmost top area of the Kodi App. The pointer can be used to browse.

Can Kodi be installed on Xbox 4 1

Choose UPnP/DLNA(digital living network alliance)

The toolbar for service settings appears. Simply scroll down and select UPnP/DLNA after the service settings.

To activate the selection, pick “share my Libraries” from the right-side list. You can share your library with other gadgets with this option.

Can Kodi be installed on Xbox 6

Start the Xbox console

Permit remote control through UPnP after moving down the list and turning it on.

On the Xbox console, click “media player.”

After that, your Xbox 360 displays the Kodi app.

Video library

Many videos are available in your Kodi library.  Pick the library and the TV shows you intend to see.

You can now use the Xbox 360 to enjoy any video that your Kodi library makes available to you.

Can Kodi be installed on Xbox 7

Install Kodi on Xbox 360 via the Microsoft Store

On a Windows PC, you can install Kodi on Xbox 360 and other Xbox consoles through the Microsoft store. All you need to do is make sure your Xbox console and computer are both connected to the same Microsoft account. Create a Microsoft account if you don’t have one.

Ensure that the internet is accessible from your computer. Below are some actions we can perform via the Microsoft store.

On your Windows PC, click the Windows button, then select Microsoft Store from the list.

In the search bar, search “Kodi,” and subsequently click Enter.

Choose the first Kodi result from the list of results available.

On the app information window, select the button on Install Xbox 360.

The Kodi App won’t begin downloading right away, so be patient.

You’ll be notified on Xbox 360 when Kodi is prepared to run after the Kodi App has finished downloading.

Simply open Kodi App on Xbox 360 and enjoy.

Can Kodi be installed on Xbox 8

Install Kodi on Xbox 360 via the Xbox Store

Kodi is supported by the Xbox store. It takes a couple of minutes to install Kodi on your Xbox 360 via the Xbox Store.

You should be aware that Xbox 360 only supports installing Kodi Krypton versions 17.6 and higher. Below are some actions to perform.

Can Kodi be installed on Xbox 9

Activate the Xbox console

Your Xbox 360 console should be turned on first, followed by an internet connection.

Xbox store

Open the Xbox Store and enter “Kodi” into the search box. Alternatively, you can put “Kodi” into the search bar on your console’s home screen and search.

After that, you will automatically be taken to the Xbox store.

Select the Version

Please choose the official Kodi app from the selection that appears, and after that click the icon.

Install Kodi on xbox 360

You can see information about the Kodi app on the screen. To download it, just click the Get button. Be patient until the console installation is complete.

Start the application

Simply click the launch button to start the app after installation is complete. The Kodi app becomes accessible on your Xbox 360 console and is available for use.

Can Kodi be installed on Xbox 10

Install Kodi on Xbox 360 via Raspberry PI and USB

A Raspberry PI can be utilized for accessing the Kodi software directly. You must first have Kodi installed on your Raspberry PI before connecting it to your console’s HDMI port with a USB cable.

To utilize the application on your Xbox 360 console after connecting the two devices, follow these instructions.

After selecting Start, select Settings.

Then select Devices from TV & Oneguide.

Select the Raspberry Pi 3.

You can then select Kodi from the list of available applications As a result, the Kodi app allows you to stream movies or whatever material you like to your Xbox 360 console.

Can Kodi be installed on Xbox 12

Categories of Kodi addons

A Kodi addon is a straightforward program that enables you to access material from a certain source on your gadget. Typically, add-ons increase Kodi’s capability. This is how they are categorized.

Official addons

These are Kodi add-ons made and maintained by the XMBC Foundation. Because they adhere to regulations, laws, and copyrights, they are referred to as “Official.” They’ll typically permit you to use authorized streaming services. By installing the app, you can use Kodi to connect to subscription services.

Third-party addons

Kodi is quite diversified and produces a wide range of third-party add-ons. It enables you to connect to nearly every channel and even go past the most infamous hurdles, providing you with whatever content you want.

In essence, they function as master keys that open locked doors, regardless of the owners’ consent. Because of this, they are frequently removed. However, they are widely used by Kodi users, and you may use them to get unrestricted access to whatever content you like.

Can Kodi be installed on Xbox 11

Top Kodi Add-Ons for Xbox 360 to stream movies and series


The ability to access library content from a home PC is provided by Plex to its subscribers. A media server is an additional feature of Plex. Along with all of this, it simultaneously organizes the video, audio, and photos of its users into an easy-to-use interface.


YouTube remains one of the most well-known video streaming websites in the world, however, it also has a significant impact on people’s lives today. Everyone’s list of apps should include YouTube. Everyone can use an uploader to upload a video on YouTube via the platform, but they must have a personal account or channel.

Can Kodi be installed on Xbox 13


It is one of the music streaming apps. User-created sounds can be uploaded, downloaded, recorded, and shared on SoundCloud. Additionally, it provides the option to split audio equally, including music. It can be used for free and without advertisements for a little fee.


It is accessible across a range of platforms, including gaming consoles, personal computers, mobile phones, and tablets.

It plays all of the content that is being aired by the BBC, however, it broadcasts with a couple of hours of delay.

You can download this app for free, but a TV license is required.

Filmon TV

It is an internet television provider recognized by Filmon TV Networks Inc.

Installing the application is all that is necessary to get started. Install the app, then use it and log in using your account. After logging in, you may browse all of the available stations and on-demand movies.

Just opt for a  show and click “play” to begin viewing it. To have rapid access later, you may also add stations and programs to your favorites list.

Can Kodi be installed on Xbox 14

How safe is Kodi?

We can confidently claim that Kodi on Xbox 360 is risk-free for people who are wondering.  Kodi being used for illegal activities like piracy, as you may have heard on the news, depends on the user.

Therefore, your goal or what you decide to mount in Kodi Xbox 360 determines the answer to your question about the safety and confidentiality of the device.

You won’t ever need to be wary of any possible risks when making use of Kodi in its basic configuration. Although, regarding add-ons, it’s not quite as straightforward.

Therefore, to prevent your ISP from providing you notifications or your government from looking into you, we advise you to use Kodi responsibly. Utilize only the primary Kodi add-ons.

The issue for some Kodi users is that you may choose to install safe official add-ons, or you can choose to install unauthorized add-ons.

Can Kodi be installed on Xbox 15

Is it illegal to use Kodi?

By installing the Kodi application and utilizing the majority of its functions, you are not breaking any laws. Meanwhile, there are many add-ons and services available online that may be loaded on Kodi that contain illegal media.

Many of the well-known add-ons that you’ll discover when searching for free movies on Kodi may be restricted by your ISP. Because of this, operating Kodi on your device while using a VPN service is the safest option.

Can Kodi be installed on Xbox 16

How can I conceal my Xbox IP address?

There are several methods to accomplish this on Xbox 360, but using a VPN is the simplest.

With the help of a VPN, you may pretend to be surfing the internet from a different location by encrypting your traffic and routing it through a server there.

This may prove helpful for a variety of things, including getting around geographical limits and concealing the IP address of your Xbox 360 from inquisitive eyes.

Can Kodi be installed on Xbox 17


Can you install Kodi on an Xbox?

You can now install Kodi on Xbox 360 and a variety of other Xbox consoles. By implementing these five steps, the Xbox 360 must first be turned on. Afterward, choose Search from the available options. After entering “Kodi” in the search box, select the Kodi icon. Select Get. Following that, Kodi will be downloaded and installed on your Xbox 360 instantly.

Patiently wait until it’s completed. Select Kodi by tapping Launch. That’s it, I suppose. If you are incapable of getting Kodi via the Xbox 360, you may install and set it up via the Microsoft Store.

Can you add apps to Xbox 360?

YES. Click on applications. Choose Search Apps. On the overview page, click Download. For the app to be downloaded and installed on Xbox 360, select Confirm Purchase.

How do I get movies on Kodi Xbox?

Either of these approaches can be used to  download movies on Kodi Xbox 360:

Utilize the add-ons in the repository to access TV channels.

Watch movies that have been saved on your device.

To enjoy movies on the internet, install third-party add-ons.

How do I download Kodi 18 on Xbox?

Go to the Xbox One’s main menu and select “Search.”

Enter “Kodi” in the search field.

When the Kodi icon displays, click it.

Click the Get key, thereby installing and downloading Kodi.

After installation is complete, click Launch.


To shield your connections from any internet threats, we advise utilizing a VPN with Xbox 360. It prevents geographical restrictions and secures access to any media with its aid.

You may install Kodi on Xbox 360 via the aforementioned procedures to enjoy an awesome experience.

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